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  • New Job Isn’t What You Expected? Here’s What To Do

    Whether you’re looking for contract employment in NJ or are interested in permanent placement, Spectrum Staffing can work with you to find the employment that aligns with your needs. Often when job seekers come to us, it’s because they are unsatisfied with their current roles. A common but frustrating scenario for workers is when they’re hired for a job and excited to start…only to find out that the job is much different than they thought it would be. If your new job isn’t what you expected, here’s what to do:  \

    Focus on What You Can Control

    Do your part to try to potentially improve the situation in the short term. Even if the job isn’t what you expected, if you try to make the best of it, you may end up becoming okay with it over time. Try to get to know your coworkers, such as joining them in the break room for lunch or around the water cooler, or ask your boss if there’s anything you can help with. 

    Give It Time to See How It Goes

    Sometimes the first few days or even weeks aren’t really an accurate indicator of how a job will really end up being. For example, if the work seems lower level than you were expected, it may be that your manager isn’t organized enough to be ready to train you and may be giving you busy work for the time being. Set a time limit to see how it goes – if nothing improves within that timeframe, then you can feel confident moving on, but you may end up pleasantly surprised. 

    Meet With Your Boss

    Once you’re sure that your job truly isn’t what you thought it was going to be, ask to meet with your boss to discuss your concerns. Be prepared and have specific points to make and questions to ask. Don’t be accusatory. Frame the conversation in an objective manner – let them know your understanding of what the job duties were going to be compared to your experience, and ask if things will change anytime soon. Their answer will let you know if you should stick it out because things may improve, or make you feel confident you need to move on. 

    Restart Your Job Search

    Unless you have a history of job-hopping, don’t feel like you must stay at a job that was misrepresented. In fact, if it doesn’t build your skill sets or give you relevant experience, it could end up holding your career back. Once you feel confident your job isn’t what you thought, restart your job search either on your own or with the help of a staffing agency. 

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