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School is in session, so it’s time to gather your supplies and textbooks. Even though this always cost me a fortune when I was in college, I loved this part of the school year. Preparation and organization are fun activities for me. My friend Holly frequently mentions her obsession with all things office supplies. Me too. I love color-coding everything with pens and markers and post-its. I enjoy creating reading schedules from course syllabi in my day planner. When we first moved to Indiana, I created my own curriculum for three different courses and drove to Purdue three times a week to spend time in the library doing “school” on topics that interested me. Yes, I’m a verified nerd.

As we explore the holistic life, I have a few online resources that I enjoy following or referencing as needed. I’ve compiled a list below for your benefit. Disclaimer: I am not endorsing everything written on these blogs or feeds, nor am I paid by any of them. 

The Hippy Homemaker // She writes about homeschooling a great deal lately, but this includes reviews of natural toys and supplies which is helpful. She has a wealth of information on natural health products, many of which she shares the recipe so you can make your own. She also has an Etsy shop where you can purchase the ones she has made. I am a huge fan of her Owie Salve (now called Salvation Salve). It’s basically a natural Neosporin but better. Even Shaun is an avid user of it!

Wellness Mama // She posts mostly about health-related topics, sharing recipes for making your own products and information about suspected-to-be-harmful ingredients. Her recipes are some of my favorite resources for making my own concoctions of natural cleaners, toiletries, and homeopathic remedies.

Heidi Priebe on Thought Catalog // She writes a lot of articles on the Meyers-Briggs personalities that are insightful and humorous. I enjoy learning about my own personality and others, so I follow her on Facebook to keep up with her latest posts.

Elephant Journal // This site is “dedicated to the mindful life.” It covers a wide variety of issues, but I like the Wellness section the most. It’s eclectic to be sure.

Whole 9 Life // This is a site that breaks down living holistically into 9 factors. The cofounders’ book It Starts With Food revolutionized the way I view nutrition and eating. They are super balanced and realistic in their approach, and there is always a strong dose of tough love included!

For inspirational quotes and photographs, I recommend following Dallas Hartwig and bymariecarmel on Instagram. For inspiration and humor about real, messy life, I recommend following Glennon Melton (monastery) on Instagram and/or Twitter. She also has a blog.

Well, that’s it for now. That’s enough to keep you busy for a while! I’ll add more resources in the coming months.

What online resources do you like that foster a holistic life?

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