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my august [top 10]

where did the summer go?! it’s been quite the blur for me & the casteel casa. we traveled quite a bit, & the day-in, day-out demands of taking care of a growing, increasingly mobile baby has kept me distracted from many things i also love doing. but a lot has also changed over the last three months for us, so let me share some highlights from the last month!

10. books on my nightstand:
>> divergent by veronica roth
>> faith unraveled by rachel held evans
>> bringing up bébé by pamela drukerman
>> made to crave by lysa terkeurst

9. song stuck in my head:
>> all things pentatonix — we’re seeing them october 1st!

8. favorite quote right now:
>> “not my circus, not my monkeys.” [polish proverb] — this reminds me to focus on only the things i have control &/or responsibility over & to let go of all the rest.

7. can’t-do-without accessory:
>> betsy, my gorgeous cowhide bag that can hold my laptop, notebook, & myriad of purse-ish stuff for all day away from home.

6. must-see tv [or netflix]:
>> just started warehouse 13, & i like it so far.

5. annual goal i’m most focused on:
>> converting to clean-ish eating — i’ve been doing a lot of reading & planning through august & have declared this month to be self-care september. b/c if i don’t take care of myself, how can i take care of my kiddo, my other precious relationships, my ministry opportunities, etc.

4. habits i’m trying to break:
>> being on my phone late at night — trying to cut it off at least one hour before bedtime…
>> biting my nails [although i don’t really bite them; it’s more just picking at them, but same result.]

3. most looking forward to:
>> my birthday!!! — only 12 days away to my own personal holiday
>> the pentatonix concert on october 1st — been listening to all their albums on repeat at work every day.
>> autumn coming soon — cooler mornings, crisp evenings, pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires, sweaters & boots, i love all of it!

2. heavy on my heart:
>> the violence in gaza, the ebola outbreak in africa, the injustice in ferguson — so many people suffering & my heart breaks most for the children involved, for the next generation & the legacy we leave them.

3. what’s new with me:
>> i got a JOB!!! — after six months of being a stay-at-home-mom, i can decidedly say it’s not for me. i love elaina roo like crazy, but 10 hours straight 5 days a week with just her & me also equals crazy. the story of getting this job is long & incredible & so obviously God-led. i’ll spare you all the details because it’s long!

i’m keenly aware of the blessing of having a job. so many people are entrenched in long-term job searches & the struggles that come from that situation. also, now experiencing how much better each day is now that roo & i have some separation reminds me daily how blessed i am.

roo goes to daycare at a local church that our niece paige also attends, & roo simply loves it. she is in a room with mostly walkers, so she is the baby & doted on by all of them. it’s pretty precious. the increased attention & entertainment [from just watching & interacting with the other kids] has almost completely eradicated her fussy, needy afternoon routine. it means our time together in the afternoons/evenings is much better quality for all of us.

AND i love what i do — i work at purdue university for a friend in the college of technology, department of technology leadership & innovation. i’m the “marketing & media coordinator” helping them launch new branding, design a website, create social media policies, take photos, write a message map, & so much more. it’s part-time, meaning i still get to work at our church in the conneXions ministry some, & unless i have a super busy work week, roo & i still have a day to ourselves every thursday. i love, love, love it.


so, what’s new with you?